Hey folks! Lisa writing again, and I’d like to share with you a taste of my most recent weekend adventure. Unfortunately, it was also my final trip (for now) in Costa Rica. My last weekend was one of the most awesome adventures I had during my three months away. It was a testament to the unplanned adventure! A friend and I went to the Osa Peninsula with the intention of meeting other friends who were already there at a predetermined location and also with ideas of camping in Corcovado National Park. What actually happened is we ended up meeting some locals who invited us into their home.

The Osa Peninsula is at the southern end of Costa Rica; to get there we had to take a bus from San José to Golfito, and then scoot across the gulf on a boat to get to Puerto Jimenez. From Puerto Jimenez, we followed the dirt road that runs along the coastline by means of the “colectivo,” a tarp-covered flatbed with benches. It was a bumpy ride!

 The road was beautiful however, and we twisted through the jungle for over an hour, feeling as if we were on another planet. Our “directions” said to get off when the colectivo passed the house of Don Miguel and proceed to the beach, whereupon we should continue until coming to the house of our friends. Everything went smoothly until the actual finding the house part. We never located it, but as we swam on the beautiful abandoned beach we almost didn’t mind.

It was when we returned to Don Miguel to ask for information about our friends and their house that we came to the conclusion our friends must have returned to San José already. In a beautiful gesture of hospitality, they offered that we stay with them to make up for the disappointment of not meeting our friends. That’s how we came to pass the night with a random family on the Osa. That night we had a bonfire on the beach and when fishing for shrimp – which we ate for breakfast the next morning!

The Osa was a great place for seeing wildlife, although my friend and I didn’t get to see the famed dolphins or crocodiles, we saw beautiful scarlet macaws, monkeys, an owl, iguanas, and lizards by the ton.

Last modified: April 11, 2012

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