This past weekend the Arcadia group went White River Rafting on grade 3 and 4 rapids!!! It was exhilarating and such a rush! It was such an enjoyable weekend, because we stayed in aboriginal country surrounded by mountains and horses and cows 🙂 Our bus unfortunately broke down, but we still managed to make it home safe and sound.

Everything here has been going to remarkably well. There is a little big of rivalry between the guys and girls in my college, but it’s all in good fun. Some of the Rugby players sold themselves as slaves for a day to save up for a trip to Brisbane. My friends and I bought another friend and dressed him as a girl for the day. He was a fantastic sport about everything, and had a really good time. We painted his nails and everything 🙂 I am truly enjoying my time here. Everyone is so nice and great fun to be around. Going back to the states will be difficult I think 😛

Last modified: August 13, 2012

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