I think I have able to integrate into the culture here in Cusco, Peru. It has been tough as I am accustomed to the culture of the United States and have only been out of the country one other time for 2 weeks. It took about 3 weeks to get my bearings together and understand how things work. I think after first getting here I was definitely blown away by the difference from Peru to the United States. Although after 3 months, I understand a lot about Cusco. The city is pretty conservative as far as tradition goes. Clothing is somewhat strict, as showing a lot of skin is pretty disrespectful. Peru has a lot of indigenous people who still practice the culture that their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Also, the tradition of food is very interesting, but also very delicious! I feel like I have integrated into the culture somewhat, because I think I understand the culture enough to respect it and be part of it! Some other parts of the culture include their religion, the night life, and family life. Their predominately Catholic, as they were conquered by the Spanish. The nightlife here is like nothing I have seen before!! People almost always go to nightclubs, bars, restaurants, or just a place to dance on the weekends. The family life is different here than what I am used to. Typically multiple generations live in the same household and in the host stay I am at- there are now 4! Children usually live with their parents or aunts or uncles until they are 30. It’s been very cool experiencing another culture and having this amazing opportunity!


Last modified: April 26, 2015

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