I just wanted to write a little about the words and phrases that are used by the locals here in South Africa 🙂

First, they use the would “Shame” for everything! It could be used in a sentence as meaning a good or bad thing. For example, “I got a awesome grade on my paper!” “Oh Shame! Really? Good for you!” Or “Shame, you are looking good today!” and “Oh my bag is on your stuff! Shame!” In most senses the would Shame is used almost like saying sorry or that’s a pity, but really if someone where to throw shame either at the end or beginning of their sentence not even knowing how to use the word, it would seem perfectly normal. It’s funny because I have tried to ask some of my local friends how they would explain the word “Shame” in a context and they just laughed and said that they didn’t know how to explain it. They just say it.

Second, if they aren’t putting shame at the end of their sentences then they are putting “Hey.” Like “That’s pretty cool, hey?” or even something so simple like “The sun is really hot today hey” It’s like they use “hey” for when asking a question or even just making an obvious statement.

And Lastly, there are these phrases, “Now, Now” and “Just now”. These phrases would be used if I or someone were to ask something like “When will we be going?” Instead of giving a certain time frame they would use one of those two different phrases. So “now now” would mean that we are leaving in like 5-10 minutes. “Just now” would mean we are leaving in like 20 minutes – a half hour. Depending on how long someone would hold out the word “Just” in “Just now” would determine how long it will be until we were to leave, so if it was “Juuuuust now” Then we’d probably be leaving in like 30-45 minutes. Versus “Just now” would be more like 20 minutes. And if you were to leave at that very moment then it is simply “right now” 😛

These are only a couple of main words and phrases that have stuck out to me while studying here in South Africa 😀

Last modified: May 21, 2015

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