My life has completely adjusted to the Korean life here. Language is still a barrier, but it has become another problem in life that I have to deal with. The only way to adjust life here is to put yourself out there and make an effort to meet people who are willing to help you. You have to use your resources!! Surely, I have been taking advantage of the resources around me. For example, I recently signed up to be apart of the tutoring program the Global office offered for foreign students. The tutor helps us with our Korean language learning and as well as helping us adjust our lives in Korea. I have met my tutor three times only, but it has been quite helpful. My tutor has become more of a friend than just my tutor.

Not only has my tutor been a helping hand, but I have found a Korean best friend. I never expected to find a best friend here, but at least just a friend. It’s funny how we met! My suitemates and I were heading to Daejeon and took a subway station early in the morning. At that same time my Korean suitemate, Mi Jeong saw a friend who she had not seen for a year because this friend went to study in Mexico for one year. After that day I met this girl in the subway,  we began to see each other every day and messaged each other about every single hour asking what we’re doing. Her name is Surin Cho. She has been a great help while I am in Korea. She makes Korea less lonely. Part of it is because her English is almost perfect, so I don’t have a huge language barrier with her. But, mostly because we’re so much alike. She has become like a sister to me! I am so thankful that I unexpectedly found a best friend in Korea.

However, I believe all the Koreans I have met here are very kind. Even the restaurant owners are kind to us foreigners. I remember going to the mall to shop with my friends. We went without a Korean, so we did not know that we had to have a membership card in order to receive discounts. The clerk was kind enough to scan a barcode, which allowed us to receive the discount. But, I cannot say that all Koreans are this kind. I just so happen to have encountered very kind Koreans. This could be because I am living in the country side and they do not see foreigners often. 

Overall, when I think about it, my life in Korea is not as bad as I think it is. Just because there is a language and cultural barrier, I should not let that get in the way of enjoying my time in Korea. I should make the best out of it and enjoy every moment that I have because I am only here for one semester. The thought of leaving in two months is beginning to make me sad, so after midterms week I am making the best out of every day that I have with the people here.


I am quite late with my bloggings, but below I have a video of when I went to Seoul a few weeks ago with a few of my suitemates, friends, and one of my suitemates mom and brother visiting from Seattle. We went to Gyeongbokgung Palace and Jongmyo Royal Shrine (a place where the king goes to pray to his ancestors). I also have a few photos of the spring Cherry Blossoms that bloom for about a week and disappear after that. Soonchunhyang University is known to be the prettiest place with cherry blossom trees. 


Last modified: April 16, 2016

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