There are so many wonderful traveling opportunities that go along with studying abroad in Europe. It is easy to find reasonably cheap flight or train tickets to many intriguing destinations. Another way I was able to see different parts of Europe was through my study abroad program, ISA. They provided 3 excursions to France, Valencia, and Sitges that were included in the price of my program. They also had an optional trip to Morocco during spring break for an additional fee.

Personal trips can be taken every weekend, at the end of the program, or both! I only took a few trips on the weekends during the semester: Sevilla, Croatia, and a couple of 1 day trips. My plan was to travel to Rome, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, and London with my brother after my program ended. Personal trips can be stressful because you are responsible for planning the travel, hotel, and directions of how to get everywhere. However they are fun because you have the freedom to explore whatever you want in that city. 

Croatia image image
I chose to take part in all of the excursions my program had to offer. I really liked each of the trips. They had activities planned for us as a group but they also provided free time for us to explore on our own. I decided to pay for the optional trip to Morocco over spring break because I knew that it would be an amazing opportunity to see and experience a African country. We saw the old town, called the “medina”, of Fez and Meknes and spent 2 days in the Sahara Desert riding camels, and interacting with the local Berbers. It was definitely a unique and eye-opening experience that I’ll be able to remember for the rest of my life. 


Last modified: April 20, 2016

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