Within my first month in South Korea, I have learned many things about the culture and myself. Firstly, it was definitely an adjustment from living with six people to twelve people (whom I did not know). Within my suite there are four Americans and eight Koreans. We all have different personalities but I think we all get along very well. I really enjoy being with my suite mates and doing things with them. I am also glad that my roommate and I get along well together. 

Secondly, I love eating Korean food here! So I definitely can adjust well with the food. However, I did notice that there is corn in egg, sometimes even pizza, spaghetti, and toast. I do not mind eating corn with egg but other times I would rather just eat eggs without corn. One of my favorite dish here so far is the spicy boiled pork dish with ramen in it. It is very delicious and makes me think of home. Oh! Another thing… I love love love eating street food. I do not have a favorite yet… But since it is Cherry Blossom season, we now have tents set out by the back gate sells street food, I plan to head down there sometime and eat with my friends!

Thirdly, I notice that Koreans like to go out during the week days and then study on the weekends. But then it is because most Koreans go back home during the weekends so  week days are the only time they get to spend time with their friends. I also have noticed that my suite mates like to study a lot. Sometimes they would also procrastinate but would then study really late at night. I remember one Sunday night, my suite mates and I were up playing games and talking until 3 a.m. in the morning then my Korean suite mate suggested that we study together. I thought she was crazy and just said to sleep instead. 

I think Korean class schedules are ridiculous because there are so many classes crammed up into one day. Some days are lenient but most days there are filled up from 9 am until almost 6 or 7 pm. So I give them props for working so hard! Even though most of my suite mates have a busy schedule and are always studying, they always make time to hang with us even if it is for 10 minutes.  

One month definitely did go by fast and at times I do miss home but I still try to enjoy my time here. I am looking forward to seeing more Cherry blossoms as well as more of exploring Korea. I have already went to visit Hongdae in Seoul and am hoping to visit Namsan Tower this weekend. Definitely excited to learn and have more adventures! 


Last modified: April 4, 2017

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