As the second semester goes by, I can’t help but compare both my semesters here so far. They’ve been so different from each other despite me still living in the same dormitory, going to the same school, and having the same friends! (plus new ones!) One’s experience in Global village really depends on, of course, how they make it out to be, and also the other people who are apart of GV as well! I’m so glad to have been able to experience two different semesters here, and I can definitely feel the difference. They’ve both been interesting in their own ways!

I know for sure, I am more confident in speaking Korean and also traveling around Korea with my current language skills! I’m still amazed that I can actual read hangul, comprehend Korean (most times), and speak Korean (to an extent haha..) It’s a great feeling and I definitely want to continue studying Korean once I get home! Especially because I do want to pursue a career here after graduation! 

These days, I’ve just been living the life of a normal student, going to school, eating with friends, and working on homework! But, I did take some time off school to travel Japan for a week! It’s definitely got a different vibe compared to Korea, but also beautiful and amazing in it’s own way! I traveled to Tokyo! So i visited areas like Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Akibahara, and Asakusa!

Here are some pictures from my trip to Tokyo! 


Tokyo Sky Tree

Japanese Crepes! that are super delicious and cute.

Japanese Ramen and Gyoza (Dumplings)

Squid Nigiri!! I love Nigiri, but this was a little TOO slimy for my taste!

At the moomin cafe, we were able to sit with this little cute Moomin! (actually it was the mother moomin!)



Themed Moomin Cafe!! Which was SUPER ADORABLE!!! I’m a huge moon fan.

Limited Edition American Cherry Pie Frappucino only made in Japan! the top is pie crust! it was super delicious!!

SAILOR MOON THEMED EYELASHES!!! It was way too cute for me!

A elaborate Disney Store in Tokyo! It really was magical~!

Purikura Pictures! These photo booths make your eyes bigger, and face..way smaller than usual hahah

The famous Shibuya Crossing!

Me and Mayna made our own ramen at the Cup Ramen museum! it was super cute and fun!

Japanese Curry!!! A super popular dish in japan is Katsu curry and it definitely wasn’t a disappointment!

Some more Nigiri! It was just so delicious, my friend and I ate so much during our trip.


This was definitely the highlight of April!!! Now we’re in may and school is nearing towards the end, so from now until the end of the semester, I will be making the best memories with my friends here in Korea!! 

Last modified: May 22, 2017

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