The past three weeks have honestly been a blur. So far I’ve met some amazing people in my program, taken a trip to Cinque Terre, Italy, gotten lost in the streets of Milan more times than I can count and attended my first night of Fashion Week 2017 in the fashion capital of the world. Adjusting to a new culture, struggling to learn a new language, making new friends; it seems to be going so quickly sometimes I feel like I don’t really think it’s real. Like tomorrow morning I’ll wake up and be in Holst getting ready for class. I’m completely in love with the Italy. I begin classes next week, I’m excited to start feeling like a student instead of just a tourist. It’s crazy being in a new place and noticing all of the differences between cultures and how life can have such a different feeling just being in a different place. In America life is fast-paced, people always worrying about the most efficient way to complete all the tasks on their list. In Itlay it feels so much more laid back, no one is ever on time but it doesn’t seem to matter. People here care more about enjoying everything that life has to offer than trying to get everything done. Obviously being in the fashion capital of the world fashion is a very important aspect of life here. I have always felt like I have a pretty good sense of style. Clothes have always been fun for me. But coming to Milan has made me realize truly how different cultures see fashion and body images. It’s amazing to me that women in Milan all have extremely similar body shapes; extremely thin and not curvy. And since they all have similar body shapes they all dress basically the same way. In America, I feel that women pick out clothes that flatter their body, and in a sense pick out clothes that will wear them. In Italy, it seems like the opposite. It has more of an artistic feel like women here buy clothes that they can wear, so instead of just showing off your body, they are showing off the clothes. I hope that makes sense. It’s a totally different mindset and I’m in love with it. So look out America I’m bringing it home!



Last modified: February 23, 2018

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