Why I chose Sant’Anna

December 5, 2016 I have several reasons that I chose Sant’Anna for my study abroad school.  My only credit that I had left to complete for college was my internship, so I figured, why not do that in...

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Host Family Life

October 23, 2016 The US is very reserved with physical contact and when a person stays with a host family in the United States, they either are taken to see the tourist sites in the city or just left alone....

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My Home Away From Home

September 26, 2016 The United States has many different regions, much like Italy. Campania (in Southern Italy) is culturally comparable to the Midwest. Though they are 5,000 miles apart, this Minnesotan has...

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Its All Greek To Me

July 6, 2016 I thought studying abroad on an island in GREECE was going to be a great experience by itself, but the impact 16 women in the group had on me makes the experience even better. With our lead...

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Last Thoughts

July 1, 2016 It has been over a week since I have been back home in Minnesota from South Korea. I had a tough week adjusting back to Minnesota time. However, thanks to my friends, they kept me awake...

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Only Three Week Left In S. Korea

May 28, 2016 Oh my god! Time really do go fast but, at the same, I really do miss home. However, recently here at Soonchunhyang we had ‘Global Day’ which was held on May 18th. There were, I...

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Global Life

May 19, 2016 Yesterday was Global Day in Soonchunhyang University, which is an event for all the international students to represent their country, state, or culture. Students participating in a tent...

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Adventure of a Lifetime

May 9, 2016 Now that I have finished my semester abroad in Cusco, I look back on the pre-nervousness and laugh. Traveling alone, to another country seemed quite terrifying, and I didn’t know If I...

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Count Down to the End of the Semester Begins… (and Some Sort of My Own Personal Advice…I think..??)

May 9, 2016 The ‘Yellow Dust’ in Korea is showing up here and there since the middle of spring. After being here for about three months and it’s finally time for myself to get a face...

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Studying Abroad – What You Should Know

May 5, 2016 My study abroad experience this past semester was everything that I imagined and much more!  It is crazy to think that I have already been home for about two weeks now.  Looking back on...

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