2018-2019 Graduate Travel Seminars

Ireland Graduate Travel Seminar - September 23-30, 2018 (Application Closed)
  • Explore the work-life experience of families in both Dublin and Galway
  • Visit local universities, corporations, and government agencies
  • Register for course GST 597 Ireland (CRN 10868)
Professors: Dr. Michael Walcheski and Trish Anderson
Email: walcheski@csp.edu ; tanderson@csp.edu
Cost Estimate: $2,500 (does not include airfare or tuition)
Italy Graduate Travel Seminar - June 23 - July 2, 2019
  • Explore Florence and Venice through an education and business lens
  • Excursions include Pontedera, Pisa, and Modena (sister city of St. Paul)
  • Register for course GST 597 Italy (CRN 30622)
Professors: Barb Wissink andEric Dregni
Email: wissink@csp.edu ; dregni@csp.edu
Cost Estimate: $2,800 (does not include airfare or tuition)

Upcoming Travel Seminars 2019-2020

Dominican Republic Graduate Travel Seminar - December 4-10, 2019 (tentative dates)
  • Compare and contrast business and sport processes between the U.S. and Dominican Republic through visits to the Twins MLB Academy and Dominican Republic Winter League
  • Investigate sport-related, traumatic, and repetitive injuries that laborers and blue-collar employees suffer daily and over time in the Dominican Republic
  • Register for course GST 597 Dominican Republic (CRN 11089)
Professors: Dr. Matthew Buns
Email: buns@csp.edu
Cost Estimate: $2,400 (does not include airfare or tuition)

Course Information

Academic Credit Information

See the Graduate Travel Course Equivalent page for more information about course substitution specific to your graduate program. Our travel courses are multi-disciplinary and we encourage students from a diverse set of programs to travel and learn together. The emphasis of the trip reflects the faculty who are co-teaching the course. Students will register for GST 597 and will receive a letter grade for the travel course once completed.

Financial Information

Understanding Program and Academic Costs

See the Financial Information for Graduate Students page for more information about the program fee (what’s included and what is not included), payment and cancellation policies, and a link to financial aid resources.