Undergraduate Travel Seminars

How to apply for travel seminars?

Complete the online application for travel seminars and submit a non-refundable $500 deposit online with checking account, credit or debit card through the online payment system. See trip pages for more information about trip cost, courses,  and trip specifics.

Mexico Travel Seminar

Winter Break 2018

  • Gain knowledge of various aspects of Mexican culture in areas such as  history, arts, politics, and economics.
  • Travel and study in Mexico.
  • Introduction to Mexican art and culture.

For more information visit the Mexico Travel Seminar Page

Italy Travel Seminar

Spring Break 2018

  • Experience Florence and Venice through the academic lenses of literature, architecture, and art.
  • Interdisciplinary travel seminar

For more information visit the Italy Travel Seminar Page

Peru Travel Seminar

May 2018

  • Hike Machu Picchu and visit the Incan Ruins surrounding the city of Cuzco.
  • Study best practices in personal wellness and examine your own leadership style.
  • Explore the beautiful city of Cuzco, Peru and immerse yourself into the Peruvian culture  by trying new cuisine and seeing the arts.

For more information visit the Peru Travel Seminar Page

New York Travel Seminar

May 2018

  • An immersion into New York’s vibrant theatre scene, exploring numerous aspects of modern professional theatre, including both Broadway musical as well as Off Broadway.
  • Visit historical sites including Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and museums.

For more information visit the New York Travel Seminar Page

San Francisco Business Travel Seminar

Spring Break 2018

  • Travel throughout the San Francisco Silicon Valley area visiting various different famous sites.
  • The group will visit at least six popular businesses in the area during the seminar. Some of the businesses include, but are not limited to, Twitter, Microsoft, Rocket Fuel, Handshake, and more!

For more information visit the San Francisco Business Travel Seminar Page!

Other Concordia Travel Opportunities

Concert Band Midwest Tour

  • Feburary 23-28, 2018
  • For more information contact Aaron Isakson: isakson@csp.edu

Christus Chorus Florida/Georgia Tour