As I approach the last week and finish up my finals I am extremely surprised at where the time has gone. I have immensely enjoyed my time here, and I have met so many incredible people! I have learned and grown in my confidence for tackling life no matter where it takes me. Another thing I have learned is patience. The patience to wait for a bus, the patience of meeting new people, the patience of a new schooling system. The idea of leaving is very bittersweet, but I am excited to come home and share my experiences with Minnesota.

I am going to miss the wallabies outside my window every morning 🙂  It’s getting really hot here, and so it is going to be a drastic change to fly home to snow!

Last week, a group of friends and I walked to a botanical garden and had a picnic. We sat around for hours just talking and enjoying each others company 🙂 There was a colony of flying fox bats in some of the nearby trees, which is quite a site to be seen. Hundreds and hundreds of sleeping bats hung above us. This was super cool… until one of them pooped on my friend’s head 😛 It’s supposed to be good luck… or ‘Bat’ luck as we said. There was also numerous butterflies and bush turkeys everywhere. The wildlife here is so diverse and unique. They are all going to be missed dearly by me. Not going to lie though, I am excited to see my squirrels when I get home 😀

I will forever cherish the memories of Australia, and what I have learned from my adventure here will forever be a presence in my life. There will be an adjustment period once I return home, but I look forward to sharing the boxes of tim-tams and endless stories from my time here in Oz.

Last modified: November 7, 2012

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