Studying abroad is a life-changing experience, no doubt. It has taught me a lot already after having been a little over 2 months. Most important, it has taught me to try new things and to go out of my comfort zone. There are things I have experienced here that years ago, I  would have bet you I would never try. A few examples- I have tried guinea pig, as it is a culinary tradition here; I have hikes up and down in the world’s deepest canyon and experienced an earthquake and rock slides while doing so; I have gotten into a water and foam fight with groups of people I have never met before; I went to a foreign country that speaks a language I don’t; and countless more. The thing about studying abroad is that you can’t have a small comfort zone, because there are countless opportunities surrounding you that you simply cannot say no to. I have found myself typically saying yes, without exactly knowing what I am getting myself into. Which is at first frightening- but exhilarating as well. Some of these experiences have been really amazing and some not so much, but even that being so- there is nothing I regret. I think that it is incredibly important to always keep an open mind when abroad, because there are so many things you can learn from this experience. We went to the great Machu Picchu in this past month and it was absolutely amazing. We were speechless at the site and had a hard time believing that this was actually happening. It has been a wonderful trip!               11003_602567403213987_8452889201320107936_n046047194

Last modified: March 26, 2015

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March in Cusco

  1. Kate Larson says:


    Sounds like you really have gone outside of your comfort zone! What did you think of Guinea Pig? Is your Spanish improving? Thanks for sharing! I love the pictures, especially the group picture.


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