This month has been awesome so far. Now that the weather has finally made up its mind it finally feels like summer in Korea! I was visited by my parents a couple weeks ago so that was pretty fun. While my parents were here I took them all around Seoul and its surrounding areas. My parents happened to be visiting during Buddha’s birthday so they were able to see a lot of really cool things that don’t happen on a regular basis. Buddha’s birthday is celebrated for about a month in Korea but the national holiday is on May 14th. On the day of his birthday my parents and I attended a lantern festival at a temple in a part of Seoul called Insadong. As we were walking to the temple we were all expecting it to be a quiet little gathering, but when we got there we realized that we were totally wrong. The celebration felt like a music festival back in America. The air was filled with this rich vortex of sound and energy that I really cannot put into words. The temple itself was filled with people leaving offerings and reciting prayers. From the very moment that I stepped foot in the temple I knew that this was going to be an unforgettable experience.

During the past week I have been spending most of my time Pc cafés and the gym. I sat at a PC cafe until 5am this morning with my suite mates and I plan to head back to one in an hour or two to do the same thing. I plan to continue using my time like this until the semester is over. It feels amazing to be in a country where gaming is taken so seriously by many people.

There is nothing better than playing Overwatch with your bros until the sun comes up.

There is nothing better than playing Overwatch with your bros until the sun comes up.

Last modified: May 26, 2016

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