I still can’t believe that I’m here in Korea. Not just that, but that I also traveled to two other countries this past winter vacation. I went to Taiwan and also Japan. More specifically I went to the Kansai region of Japan, which contains Osaka and Kyoto. It was a great experience travelling solo. At first I was uncomfortable eating alone or just being by myself. However, after time went on, it was convenient for me to travel by myself. And I definitely prefer it more that way. I definitely recommend students studying abroad to at least travel as much as possible. I’m thankful to be given this opportunity to not only study in Korea but also travel to other countries nearby as well.

Kurama, Japan

Jiufen, Taiwan

Tea eggs in Jiufen, Taiwan. These are in every convenience store in Taiwan, although they might taste strange at first, they’re delicious!

Starting off this semester, there have been many new international students coming in. I thought there would be a lot of returning students, but there’s only seventeen of us here. The setup of global village has changed a lot this spring. They turned the honors lounge into a kitchen (which is actually quite nice). Instead of RAs doing roll call, we have a new fingerprint system. After 11:30pm from Mon to Thursday, all students must get up and register their fingerprints. I mean the concept of it is nice, however I find it inconvenient. Some people may want to rest early, or the machine might not read the fingerprints properly. There have been many complaints about the new system, and some students have tried taking action in informing the office.


What’s funny is that this semester, I’m not that excited about South Korea and such compared to last semester. I mean, it is obvious I’ve been here already and the cultural high is now seen as normal for me. I do my best to help the new students and answer whatever questions they have. I guess compared to last semester, seeing how the returnees didn’t really try to help out, I wanted to change that this semester. With this semester, I see it more positive than how the people in global village acted last semester. However, there are still some faults and ignorance from some international students. It’s hard to not get mad, but educating the ignorant is key to opening peoples minds. Also, this semester I hope I have more opportunities to travel abroad, and if I do I will definitely blog about it!

Last modified: April 5, 2017

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A New Semester

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. It sounds like you had a great time traveling during winter break. I am glad you are able to help all the new international students. It is a different role, but also a good one! I am sure they really appreciate it.

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