Annyeonghaseyo From Korea

안녕하세요한국에서 ~ An-nyeong-ha-se-yo Han-guk-eseo ~ Hi From Korea

Annyeonghaseyo, is how you say hi in Korean (Formally). I cannot believe that a month has passed. Time here is going by so fast. I thought my transition was going to be more difficult but it was not that bad. Not saying it was easy but I thought I would’ve stressed more. Coming to South Korea was a little scary for me. I never thought that I would travel around the world by myself (even though my friend came with me this semester but it is still a new experience for myself). I’m so used to being around my family and friends. 

Dormitory for International and Korean Students.

The first week in Korea was a little hard because there were no Korean students in our suite, but I did have the help from my Korean friends who came to Concordia last year and this year. They me find places to eat, where to go, and things to do. The first week felt long but was an interesting week. My suite has two foreigners and 10 Koreans, but before the Koreans moved in, the other foreigner and I waited for more foreigners and Koreans to move in. It felt like ages for people to move in. Two days before school started, the Koreans slowly moved in. Meeting every single one of them was interesting. As I look back when I first met them, I didn’t think that I would be closed to them, but now I feel like I’m just at home. Living with them feels like living with elevens brothers (but we don’t argue, or haven’t yet). We all get along which makes living here so fun! We all like to joke with each other, and when we’re free, we eat and hang out together. As time goes on, I’m slowly getting closer with my suite mates. I’m so glad I have my suite mates, I wouldn’t trade them for anybody else. 

Majority of my suite mates (10/12)

My suite mates are awesome but meeting the other international students has been an interesting experience. I didn’t think that meeting other international students will bring cultural differences before coming to Korea, I just thought about the Korean cultural and people. But there are so many differences even from the people from America. 

I learned a lot from everybody! I knew I would learn new things about people but I didn’t really think I would learn new things from Americans. Korea has been an amazing time! I love it a lot. I don’t want to come back home yet! (Like what people say Don’t pull or pull  a “Pakhoua”)  

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