It’s finally spring semester at SCH~ actually it’s been spring semester, I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t been able to blog. But, finally, here I am! This semester, there are a bunch of new faces, and I really have made some new great friends! This semester is my last semester at SCH, and I definitely don’t want to think about it.. so I guess I’ll recap my winter break in Sinchang! I think this will be especially useful for students who want to stay two semesters, but have no idea what to do during the long breaks in between. 

SCH offers teacher assistant positions for an English camp for children during both the winter and summer breaks for global village students. With the TA position, you get free boarding over the whole break, and you do get paid at the end of the camp. Camp lasts three weeks, and you’ll basically be managing a whole classroom full of kids. I was chosen as a TA for the winter break term, and it was probably one of the best experiences ever!!! I had a lot of fun and I’ve gotten to know a group of kids, who are now dear to my heart! Our days would start from 9am to 5pm, everyday excluding weekends, of course. Everyday was full of energy and fun. I have to say, these kids had extremely impressive english skills, and my kids were only 11-13 years old! I think they were even better than some of my university friends at english! That goes to show how much work kids have to do in school here. 

Here are some pictures!! 

They made me a powerpoint for our last day of class! it was so touching!! 

some of my students artwork!! 

It was a really great experience, and I definitely recommend applying for the winter/summer camp if you’re able to in the future! It especially helps if you actually want to be a TESOL teacher! 

Another thing that’s been happening is..the cherry blossoms!! In Korean they’re called “벚꽃” (beotkkot) and they’re absolutely beautiful!! The spring vibe in Korea is so different compared to the spring vibe back home. I feel like spring is such a huge event in Korea, and I can see why. These blossom all over campus, and of course all over Korea, and it’s just such an amazing sight! Soon chun Hyang is actually the 3rd most beautiful campus with Cherry Blossoms in Korea, so I’m definitely blessed to be showered with all this beauty as I walk to class! 


That’s all I have for now. Midterms are coming up, and I’m also going to Japan in 7 days, so i’ll make sure to blog about it!!! 



Last modified: April 14, 2017

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