Shortly, after midterms were over, my friends and I realized how many weeks we have left until the semester was over. It feels like it was just yesterday when we arrived here in Korea. It’s amazing to see how close my suite mates and I have gotten within these few months and it is sad to know that I only have a couple weeks left with them.

My suite mates had become my family. We enjoy doing things together, making fun of each other and supporting one another. A few weeks ago one of my Korean suite mate invited me and a few foreigner suite mates to her home in Suncheon which was about 4 hours south from Sinchang by bus. I definitely enjoyed my weekend there. Her parents were so nice and sweet, they gave us their room to stay in because there was a bathroom in their room. She also has two dogs, Maru and Geumdong. Although throughout the weekend, Maru did not really like us as much because he kept growling and barking at us from time to time. Geumdong however, loved us as he kept playing with us and coming over to us to pet him. While being in Suncheon, my suit mate took us to The Suncheon Bay National Garden. It was beautiful and took us an entire day to go through the entire area. I thought about my mom as I was there because I knew she would have loved the gardens there. 

Adorable Geumdong!

It was definitely easier to play with Geumdong!

There were many gardens designed to be a certain culture or country. This was taken in the French Garden.

Very beautiful flowers (and people too)!!

This past weekend I went to another Korean suite mates home along with my other foreigner suite mate. Her hometown was in Pocheon north of Sinchang and took about 2-3 hours by bus. Her family owns a restaurant so we were able to eat some of their dishes which was delicious!

Being able to go to my suitemates home town is definitely an experience to remember! I feel like we are able to do more things and go to places where we would have never thought of going. It was really cool to experience different kinds of Korean homes. Plus, eating home made Korean food!! It was also really nice to interact with my suite mates parents as well. They were all really kind and made us feel welcome. If more people were able to receive the chance of staying with a family, definitely take the opportunity! It is a wonderful and memorable experience.  

Last modified: May 29, 2017

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