It’s been about two weeks since I arrived back to Minnesota, and I have to say that it feels like nothing has changed. I feel that coming back, it’s the same as usual, and that my year in Korea went by too fast. Even though, I did many different and fun things during my year away from friends and family. 

After finals ended, I went on another out of country trip; this time it was the Philippines. I went to Palawan because one of my global village friends suggested it, since she also solo travelled a lot too. It was exciting to travel alone again, but I was more nervous because Palawan is still developing. But it was so beautiful, and I definitely don’t regret it. I did island tours in El Nido, and I met other solo travelers too. This trip allowed me to do more self discovery and also relaxation; it served as a great getaway for me. 

Being back home, everything is the same as how I left it. Not much has changed, and I don’t feel too sad about leaving Korea, surprisingly. Many of my friends are sad to have left, but I’m okay with it. Being abroad a year, I feel that I experience Korea so greatly, that I know for sure that I’ll be back. Something I’d tell to future students who want to study in South Korea, is to have fun but be responsible. South Korea is GREAT for us younger folks! There’s so many fun things to do and meeting people, but learn to be responsible and know that it’s ok to say no in front of peer pressure. Also, I urge that all students should keep an open mind and be understanding of people of different opinions. Even if you experience some ignorance, try to educate others and be the bigger person. Also, don’t be afraid to do things by yourself! Travel to other countries with friends or solo, either way if you keep common sense with you and be safe, it will be worth it. Anyways I’ll be ending my blog here, and I hope you enjoyed reading my experiences abroad! Thank you for reading!

Last modified: February 23, 2018

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