In my last blog post, I shared about the struggles I had during my week in Italy. Since then, I have done more traveling around Germany, France, England, and the Netherlands. Most of these trips were day trips and all of them were taken with my friend, Moriah. Through this travel, I have learned to roll with the punches, but also how to thoroughly plan and be prepared. My program in Heidelberg is purposefully set up so students have Friday through Sunday to independently travel. The opportunities for independent travel have been my favorite part of this program. I have gotten to so many more places than I never thought possible in a four-month period. This travel has taught me the most during this experience and given me new ways of looking at the world.

In lieu of posting a detail of all these journeys, I have decided to share one picture and either one lesson or one highlight from each trip. I am also going to include my trips to Paris and Oktoberfest that I took back in September.

October 27th I was in Munich visiting Marienplatz. Moriah and I had lunch at Hofbräuhaus. Most memorable part of this trip was breaking my phone and losing all my pictures from Neuschwanstein castle.

Oct. 27 – Marienplatz Munich 

October 21st Moriah, her friend Morgan, and I went to the world’s largest pumpkin festival. Highlight: yummy pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread.

Oct. 21 – Ludwigsburg, Germany World’s Largest Pumpkin Festival

The weekend after the Reformation, we took a trip to Wittenberg. Highlight: THREE English worship services within 48 hours.

Nov. 5 – Schlosskirche Wittenberg, Germany

November 11th I went to Cologne to (try) to see the cathedral. What I learned: make sure it’s not the opening day of Carnival when you go, otherwise the church will be closed.

Nov. 11 – Cologne, Germany

November 9-10 was spent with my program in Strasbourg, France. We participated in an international symposium about border crossing. Here my classmates and I presented about our work with the refugee children at the Patrick Henry Village.

Nov. 9 – Strasbourg, France

September 23rd was spent in Munich drinking delicious beer and eating way too many pretzels. Highlight: This pretzel, obvi.

Sep. 23 – Oktoberfest Munich, Germany

October 6-8 was spent with my program in Berlin. This city has SO much to do and is one of my favorite places I have visited. Highlight: DDR Museum.

October 6 – Brandenburg Gate Berlin, Germany

November 17 and 18 were spent in London. I cannot express how amazing it was to be able to read every sign on the road and every menu. Highlight: our free walking tour led by a local. Lowlight: Big Ben is under restoration for the next FOUR years.

Nov. 18 – London, England

Friday, October 13th was spent in the charming university town of Tübingen. Highlight: Ancient Culture Museum.

Oct. 13 – Tübingen, Germany

September 15 and 16 were spent in Paris, France. We learned it is definitely necessary to allow yourself 30 minutes more than needed to get to a Flixbus stop. Highlight: guided tour of Palais Garnier, the opera house the inspired that Phantom of the Opera.

Sep. 16 – Paris, France

This past weekend, November 24-27, Moriah’s family included me in their trip to the Netherlands. It was such a treat to meet her family! One thing about the Netherlands that stuck out to me was how TALL everyone is. The overall highlight of this trip for me was all the delicious Dutch food!

Nov. 25 – Amsterdam, Netherlands


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