The Start: 

It has been almost a full month since I have now arrived in Spain and what a journey it has already been. My program started off with a 4 day orientation in Madrid. Madrid, I believe is a wonderful place to start off and understand what the Spanish culture is like. Being the capital of the country it is always packed with people so there is always things to do. We had a few tours to get our bounds around the city. The API program really provided for us, with a nice hotel, and a few meals included in our orientation. They gave us information on how the semester would go on to be, certain rules, regulations, that whole gist. Madrid was perfect because it established relationships with faces we will keep seeing until December.


Qué Lo Qué? A semester in Spain has begun. The beauty of Spain is how different places in Spain can be, I’ve previously visited Barcelona before I even thought about studying abroad in Spain. I figured it would be similar but there are so many aspects that differ. The most apparent one is the language. Yes, it is known that Spanish has many different tones and slight changes depending on what country the native Spanish speaker is from. However, the biggest difference in Spain is from the land of Catuluna and the Basque country to basically anywhere else in the country. I have a decent understanding of Spanish but everyday I learn a new slang word or phrase that is used in everyday chats. Many Spaniards do not speak English which is oddly refreshing and at the same time frustrating for many people. It forces you out of a comfort zone that you will never get out of unless you put yourself out there.


The place that will be considered my home for the next 3 months or so. It is a small city with many different things to do since it is highly populated with students from across the world. We meet knew people almost everyday if we have made it out of the house. There are so many pubs, bars, coffee shops, and other places to just sit down and have a drink with someone to chat. The architecture around here is incredible, the school itself is one of the oldest universities in all of Europe but it is well kept. There is a friendly environment that makes it easy to have a good time, most of the people on the street are experiencing the same sort of adventure in one way or another. Whether it be locals meeting people from other countries or vice versa. The nice part about being here is that you get to be as interactive as you want to be. There is no pressure to go out and do things, if you want to stay in bed all day and take a magical siesta that the Spanish do so well you can do so. Spain so far has been an absolute blast meeting new people and travelling to places that we all want to go and experiencing the culture together.

Last modified: October 1, 2018