This first month in Korea has gone by so fast, the only way I have been able to remember anything is by looking at the pictures I’ve taken!

One thing that surprised me about life here at SCH is how every year, there is something that I can only explain to be like a “Welcome back to School” festival.

This festival lasted three days and everyday there were different performers. The second day was the most “hyped” up day because a more famous group, iKon, was coming to perform. As well as iKon, there was my FAVORITE Korean band, Epik High. I could not believe my ears when my roommate, Minseon/Bella told me that they were coming! So this festival not only had more famous performers, but also more food trucks then I’ve ever seen all selling different Korean street food! This festival I was able to enjoy with my roommate and some of her class seniors as well as with the friends I have made here.

Living here in Korea has been such an exciting adventure, everyday there is something different, new, and fun to do. I was able to visit a nearby lake and park with my roommate and one of our mutual friends, Trace, who is from Vietnam. Living in Global Village has given me so many opportunities to meet and converse with people from all around the world! Bella and I have become close and enjoy spending time with each other, we eat together a lot and even will just go for walks and exchange out cultures.

The classes I am taking have all been very engaging. One of them is Taekwondo. Actually during Midterm we have our first test, which if we pass will mean we are able to go up a belt. Another class is Intercultural Dance. In this class we have learned dances from all around the world. I included a picture of me and my friend Kyra from Tennessee in our traditional Korean skirts which that day we learned the traditional dance that the King and Queen used to perform for their people as a way to bless them since, as we learned, most Kings and Queens were also Shamans.

Overall, the first month here in Korea has been very fast paced but also filled with many fun memories, laughter, and great friends. I cannot wait to see what October holds for me.

안나 <3




Last modified: October 30, 2018