The first month here in South Korea has been one of the best experiences i have ever had in my life. There is always something new to do every day, and by thee time i notice a month has already gone by.

One thing that I did notice that was different when I was attending concordia is that the amount of people and how much more social I have been here, usually at concordia University I just goto class then when my classes are done I go home but here as soon as classes are done I right away go and hang out with all my friends or my suitemates.

Another thing that I noticed is that as the days go by I was always doing something every day. I am always on the go, going for lunch/dinner, going different places like Cheonan or taking a 2.3hour subway ride to Seoul(By the way there is a train that is only 1.3hrs long but my group and i missed it lol). I went to this place called Suwon and that is where the Hwaseong Fortress is. The fortress was absolutely breathtaking, even though it was hard basically hiking it but the views were amazing you were able to learn some of the history behind it and that is one place you really have to go to if you come here. We were also able to bring one of the bells and was able to go to a museum they had more background of the location and even had a video that showed how each weapon worked which made it really interesting.

This past month or school had a festival called the “Welcome back to school”. Now this festival lasted for three days and we had a few K-pop artists perform at her school. We had Epik High, IKon, and Hyolyn. The performances were amazing, and it had so many food trucks that I really thought I was going to get that after these three days Hehe! On the third day after one of the performances they had a dance party where you just go in front of the stage and they played music for almost 2 hours and you’re just dancing with a bunch of people and it was really exciting moment for me.

Also this was my first time being away from home and actually traveling ever and my experience has been great, I haven’t been feeling super homesick because everyone around me is super friendly and the Conda do help keep your mind off of home. This is also my first time actually sharing a room with someone who is around my age group who is not a family member, she has been the sweetest and the most fun roommate I ever had. Even though we aren’t able to talk as much because sometimes our schedules do not clash together. At night we usually do find time to talk before bed and try to see what each other has done that day.

Also the people who live here on global village which is the building that has all the foreigners and the Korean roommates for us, they have a been absolutely so welcoming, everybody knows each other, and we all hang out at some point. They also introduce you to their roommates so you’re able to meet more people as time goes by and you’re starting to feel more like a family.

The classes have been so much fun, my Korean speaking and writing teacher is the sweetest woman I have ever met, she makes a class very exciting and it doesn’t make me tired like some classes do. I’m also taking into claustral dance class and that class has been so much fun, I love to dance so been able to do different dancesis so much fun. Like the second week of this class we learned to K-pop songs, The following week we learned a traditional Korean dance, and this past week we learn salsa, and next week we’re supposed to be lonely African. Some of the variety of dances that relearning makes me excited for the class every The following week we learned a traditional Korean dance, and this past week we learned salsa, and next week we’re supposed to be learning African. Some of the variety of dances that relearning makes me excited for the class every week.

This has been the most active I’ve ever been as long as I can remember, this past month has been incredible and I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve been doing, this trip has really made me a lot more social and has brought in my views on life. I can’t wait to see what will come in the future!



Last modified: October 8, 2018