One of the beautiful aspects of being in Europe is how easy it is to travel. In the past month or so I have been very fortunate in that I have been able to travel to three different places: Portugal, France, and Belgium. It is incredible how different each place is and how memorizing different aspects of each country is. For example, I was absolutely shocked when I saw the Eiffel tower. It was just incredibly surreal, and something I had only seen through movies or pictures. Belgium on the other hand, had a completely different feel. Firstly, it was a lot colder and it was something I had not encountered yet. However, good friends and the two beautiful cities of Brussels and Gent can fix any weather. Brussels had a vibe I had never been apart of before, it was both relaxed and vibrant at the same time.

Gent was another place in Belgium that was beautiful, I thought it was a more aesthetically pleasing city than Brussels. The architecture of each building encompassed by the river flowing between was just beautiful. It was a smaller and quieter city but I very much enjoyed it. When we went it was so beautiful even though it was freezing, so we went into this pub to get a hot chocolate. The pub in itself was a library, it was incredible.

Visiting places of course is fantastic, however, the company can make all the difference. One of the best parts of travelling to so many places is not only seeing a new country but seeing a new country with different people. It is not everyday you get to travel places with your best friends. I think travelling with people is how many people realize how close or distant they are from each other. You see different sides of each other that you’ve never seen before since you’re experiencing something completely different together.

Travelling is one of those things that never gets old. Seeing a new country and experiencing it’s culture is something that will forever stay close to my heart. It gives you perspective on how different people live and what their expectations are. That is something I believe more people need to do in their lives as many people are so closed off to what the rest of the world sees. There are so many different places to see and so many people to travel with. I plan to keep travelling for the rest of the time that I’m in Europe.


Last modified: October 31, 2018