Fall was in full force by the end of October, which was strange for me because of how short fall is in Minnesota compared to here. I remember at the start of October getting photos from my friends and family of the snow back home.

This month we had Midterms. Which the whole campus was under a “study” type of haze. You could feel the pressure and stress the Korean students felt. I was lucky enough to have half of my midterms done the week before actual midterm week. So all of my classes were done on the Wednesday of midterm week.

Since I was being stressed out as well, I decided to take a  solo getaway to Seoul.  I took my time exploring the large and beautiful city. I explored not only the more tourist spots, but also found some very interesting museums and small, but beautiful parks. I went to the Seoul  Museum of Art as well as the War Museum of Korea. Both of them were thought provoking and extremely interesting. The war museum had so much about Korean history, I could have stayed overnight, just reading and learning.  But I did have to get back to campus.

Once back on campus, we had our second “Coffee Hour” which is an event held once a month for all of the students in our program to get together and play games and socialize. This Coffee Hour was Halloween themed, and many people from all different cultures dressed up and came to celebrate!

We also had Global Day, which is a school wide festival that happens every semester celebrating and sharing the many different cultures and countries that SCH hosts and homes. I was able to help with the India booth for a few hours. In that time I gave henna tattoos to people who would play a game in chance to win a tattoo. It was very exciting to see the different nationalities come together to learn about each other.

Still, overall, Korea is wonderful. I am actually experiencing a fall and very much so enjoying my time here. 

Last modified: November 28, 2018