October was pretty hectic. Midterms, dances, performances, and so many places to go to. I would say this was the most eventful month. I honestly felt like I could not get a breather.

So this month we had to prepare what was called global day where people who were from different parts of the world would do a booth explaining about their country/state or do something like a game. So my days consisted on preparing for midterms, getting ready for our dance performance, and global day.

I was honestly very surprised on how intense preparing for midterms were. Many Korean students we basically living at the library and  rarely got any sleep and I noticed I was picking up on some of their studying skills. I noticed that the teachers do not really tell you what will be on the test so you have to overall study every single thing you have learned.

Now because of midterms, dance practice was really hard because many people were absent for practice because of it. So we were very worried we were not gonna make it for global day but we ended up doing a great job and everything went according to plan. One thing I will say is that I am super happy that I joined this dance group because it’s so diverse , and we all work together to understand each, even when there is a language barrier, we still work together to get through it.

I have also been trying to use Korean a lot more comfortably, but it’s still nerve wrecking because I forgot certain phrases or the specific words but basically every Korean person that I have met has really helped me understand and helped me use the correct grammar and they were also very patient, because they really want you to learn and they want to help you understand.

For Global day I worked at the Hawaii booth and we did a photo booth and surprisingly it was very popular, we played Hawaiian music, had flowers and props for people to use for the photos. But unfortunately we were not able to go to any of the other booths.

Everyday has been a different experience still and I am happy that I am constantly able to meet new people and get new experience and go to different places. I honestly thought by now I would be bored and there would be almost nothing for me to do. These last couple of months is gonna be very hard but very wonderful at the same time.

Last modified: November 20, 2018