I have only been here three weeks, yet I have seen and done so much and met so many people. Monday to Thursday I have classes, which my classes don’t start till after lunch, so I try to spend my mornings walking or going on a run around the city, shopping, or just spending time in the apartment and practicing my Spanish. The classes I am taking are International Finance, Spanish Language, New Tendencies in Spanish Contemporary Art, and Spanish History and Politics: 1936 to the Present. For my art class we meet up somewhere in the city and go to a museum or art gallery. Our weekends are from Friday to Sunday which this past weekend consisted of our program directors taking us to Park Güell and then walking around the city. Then on Saturday, me and two girls went to Valencia for the weekend and this upcoming weekend I am going to Vienna with one of the girls.

Here is a picture of me at Park Güell

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This is a picture of me at the arts and science museum in Valencia

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While I am here, I decided to do a home stay which means I am living with a woman in her apartment and she cooks and cleans for me. It has also given me the chance to practice and speak Spanish with her as she speaks no English as well as me teaching her some English words. Let’s just say we use a lot of google translate to communicate with each other, but I am hoping soon with a lot of practice it will not be needed. On January 6th they celebrate the three kings coming and bringing gifts. This also includes celebrating with your family like my host mom who had her whole family come over. So there was 20 of us in a small living room around a table. Throughout the whole meal they were speaking Catalan and Spanish which was super confusing but three of them spoke English, so I was able to talk to them as well as have them update me on what was being discussed.

This is the view of Park Clot from my home stay apartment

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Two Sundays ago I went by myself to church at a Spanish speaking church called Capitulo 29 which a family friend recommended to me. At first it was hard as no one that I met spoke English and the singing and sermon were all in Spanish. During the middle of the service it was time to greet people and I some how found some people who spoke some English and then was quickly welcomed into the church.

One thing that is very different from America is that when you say hello or goodbye, they kiss you on each cheek even if you do not know each other. Another thing that is different is eating times. I wake up and eat breakfast around 10 each day, unless I have to wake up earlier to travel somewhere Then I usually eat a fruit or cereal bar for lunch, or I go out to eat with a friend. I then eat dinner around 8 each night.

Here is a picture of me at the Arc de Triomf

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Last modified: April 15, 2019