Hey everyone!

I have been in London for almost two weeks now, and it has been really cool.

I used the first week as a get my life together week and ended up buying a lot of stuff for my room/bathroom like cleaning supplies and a thicker duvet since it was a lot colder than I anticipated, as well as things for our kitchen. I actually got very overwhelmed while grocery shopping and came back with only pasta and an apple. Needless to say, I had to make another trip. I also met up with a fellow Gilman Scholar and we went to the British Museum (all museums are free! How cool!) which was very interesting. We also had a few orientations and meetings for school, however, I mostly tried to adjust to the time difference.

This week was the start of my classes, and I have been very shocked! Their classes are about the same as ours, however, the students speak a lot freer and do as they wish during class. I have mostly noticed this with my smaller classes and our professors just roll with it, so I am assuming that is the norm. They do have considerably less assignments though, as all bar one of my classes is wholly graded off a single assignment.

This weekend we are going to Stonehenge and Bath, so I am super excited for that! Below are some pictures of my time in London so far.

Mumina Mohamud

The view from the top of the London Eye! Big Ben is the closest tall building, however it is covered in scaffolding as it is currently under construction.


Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial in Grosvenor Square, where I had lunch.


Shopping at the aptly named Oxford Circus.


The Shard, which is just outside my housing! Photo by Yasmine Taviot, my flatmate.

Last modified: January 31, 2019