I have officially been in Europe for a little over a month now! My classes have been going well and have had way less work attached to them than I am used to. This has given me time to take weekend trips almost every weekend!

One of our program trips was to Bath, England where we got to explore the Roman baths and see the cute town’s architecture. We also went to Stonehenge which I was excited about and surprised to learn that it is literally in the middle of nowhere. Just rocks in the middle of a lot of land.. why did they put them there? I think it functioned as a clock, but all I know is that it was pretty cute.

Roman baths.



We also went to Wales where I fell in love with Welsh cakes! They are kind of like scones, but not quite a scone. They are, however, very good. Wales had the most amount of sheep I have ever seen and also gave me two rainbows in one day! How perfect!

My friends and I at Caerphilly Castle in South Wales.


Me at Tintern Abbey in Wales.

My friend and I took a weekend trip to Paris and it was so much fun! I have still not stopped thinking about their croissants which were the best I have ever had. We also went to the Louvre and seeing the Mona Lisa in real life was amazing, but I honestly thought she would be a little bigger. We visited Versailles while we were there and I do have to say that Louis XIV really went off on the palace design, especially the garden. When we went back to Paris and climbed to the top of the Arc de Triomphe (I’m still not sure if the view was worth the 1 million steps) we were blessed with the most incredible view! Paris at sunset with the Eiffel Tower in full view. It was honestly breathtaking and I still cannot believe that I saw such an insane view with my own eyes! Wild!

Me in front of the Mona Lisa.


Me in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Amazing view at the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

I have also been exploring London since we have been having really great weather. My friends and I were even able to have a picnic in Kensington Gardens yesterday!

Our spread at our Kensington Gardens picnic.

Last modified: February 24, 2019