Time really fly by fast when you’re having fun. I felt like I just landed here, in China and  it’s almost the end of the semester. I am definitely going to miss this place and my friends when I leave. This month was kind of busy because we are close to midterm, so students are busy studying for test, preparing for presentation, and getting papers done. This month was busy, but I was able to travel to Macau and Guangzhou. Macau was totally amazing. We only went there for a day. We were able to visit the Ruins of St. Paul, senado square, city of dreams, and more places. The place and everything were just beautiful. Guangzhou was really big and nice too. We visit the Canton Tower and did some shopping. On the second day, we visit more of the local places and streets in Guangzhou. We went to see Bruce Lee’s ancestor’s home and a Cantonese Opera Museum. On the last day, we went to Lotus Hill to visit  gardens and pay respect the Chinese Guan Yin statue. I got to taste many Cantonese food and I will miss all the cheap food over here, when I leave.






Ruins of St. Paul, Macau

City of Dreams, Macau







Canton Tower, Guangzhou

Lotus Hill, Guangzhou

Guan Yin Statue


Last modified: April 10, 2019