South Korea blog #2

Taking classes at Soonchunhyang University has been easy (if you study and show up to class). Right now I am taking Korean writing and speaking, history, documentary, and lastly the scholarship program class; this class is somewhat similar to communications at Concordia. We had just finished up with our midterms and let me tell you, it is DIFFERENT. We have a curfew at 11:30 for our dorms but when midterm\finals happen they extend the hours to 1:00am. Koreans do not play when it comes to studying! All cafes, spaces in the library, lounge, restaurants etc. are all filled up with students with all of their textbooks from whenever class ends to 5am in the morning. My roommate stays at the library until 5am, takes a nap then heads to class (with her make up done with a cute outfit on). Also, to add another important factor Koreans do not get study guides nor do they have any idea what that is. Maybe I have been to spoiled in school to always think that I would get a study guide each time. Their schedules are so packed some have classes from 9am all the way till 6pm (or later) with little to no room to eat. When we do group projects at Concordia there really isn’t someone who has a “leader” role but in Korea the person who is the “team leader” has the MOST important role in that project. The team leader has to meet up with the professor either once or twice a week, sometimes they drink together. You’re probably thinking about how crazy that sounds when a professor drinks with their student but it is normal here. They also have events here called MT which stands for “membership training”. These are usually overnight and this is when everyone that is in the same major gets to know each other better…… by drinking.

I have never been in a dorm before but I enjoy it (so far lol). Being on campus makes it easier to make friends and know the school better. Overall I feel like I have done so much walking here than I have ever done in my life. Our campus is on a hill with so many staircases. In Korea not many students have cars but they use buses, taxis, subway. I usually tend to stay away from buses\taxi when I am Minnesota because for one it is dangerous (in certain areas) second it’s way too expensive and thirdly because I have a car. Sometimes I wish I had my car to take me from place to place because or campus is so far away from everything.

Shopping…… has been difficult.¬†I love Korean fashion but it has been a tough and long journey. Most clothes come in free size which really isn’t that helpful especially if you’re on the thicker side of the scale. I am around¬† size 7-8 in pants but trust me you will not find anything, maybe if you’re lucky or in a bigger city (they try to cater to the tourist). Also, you can not try on anything that is either free size, a shirt, or dress.

I love it here and I wish I could stay longer but time is ticking so I have to make the best of it.

52 days left.


Enjoy some average photos.



(coffee hour, Gwanju concert, cherry blossom, fish market, exchanges)

Last modified: May 6, 2019