I’m two months late but imagine this the middle of March. I am sorry.

I took my first two tests here about a week ago (a month ago).

I believe I did the worst in my Chinese Elementary Class because it’s hard learnng a new language. Especially if it’s in a whole different character. But we are learning the pinyin form, which is much easier. My friends told me that they usually learn the pinyin form first then they go onto the characters, which I most likely will not be able to learn.

HOWEVER, the psychology test that I took was OVERWHELMING. I honestly did not know what I was getting myself into. I was expecting it to be a multiple choice test but I was WRONG. It was a written test. I was freaking out. We did not have that thing where they give you so you can know what’s on the test (I forgot what it is called). I was just studying what I believed was going to be on the test BUT turns out, it was not even on the test. I was memorizing the nervous system. I was making sure I knew what the pons, medulla, cerebellum was and where they were in the brain.  I overlooked other topics too because I didn’t think that they were that important. I did what a good student would do, I went to the classroom 30 minutes earlier so I can get use to the place (we had to go to a different classroom at a different time to take the test, which I found weird but interesting too). The mistake that I did was bringing a pen instead of a pencil. I messed up so much on the written test, I had to scribble so many times and I believe my paper in the end looked like a black hole. So during the test, I was bulleting all my points instead of writing out a whole entire sentence. Then all of a suddenly, the teaching assistant told us we needed to include a thesis, conclusion and write in full sentences. Obviously I was in panic mode. I was freaking out. I was getting hot, turning into a tomato and I had to scribble everything out and start all over. I wrote so much! I honestly don’t even know if the things that I wrote even made sense. My friend told me I was overthinking too much and I believe he was right. I basically wrote essays. 5 different essays. I also gave up on my handwriting too because I was in a rush. One hour was not enough for me! But I think I did great!


I’ve been living in the moment a lot, so I always forget to take pictures. Until I remind myself that I signed a contract saying that I will take pictues to show my experience in China. I’ve been eating quite a lot! Food is good, I can never complain. The ladies at the bakery know me. I’m a  REGULAR. Usually I would tell the ladies that I want a cold ice coffee but I went in one day and told them I wanted hot coffee and they looked confused. They had to ask me again if I wanted cold or hot in Chinese. But I said hot. I also recommend you to try chicken feet. Like it’s really good here! I love it a lot! I do eat it at home too but here it’s really good!

Chicken Feet here is bomb. I’ve always loved chicken feet but sis. I ain’t ever had any chicken feet like this before.

I’ve been thinking about how much time we have left and I do get a little sad. I really do enjoy it here! Not the weather though. It’s so weird. Last week was cold and this week is hot! Like spring came and then LEFT. I think that is why I got sick. The quick change in the weather.

Also, I got use to my roommates sleeping schedule. During the first week, I decided to change my schedule so I would not need to wake up early, besides my psychology class. I have to wake up at 8am for that. Now I wake up at 11am and go to class at either 12pm or 1pm. I stay up pretty late too, which is very bad for me! Then again, that is the only way for me to contact my friends and family on the otherside of the world. A couple of days ago, my roommate was telling me how she really knows her geography really well because in high school she really had to study hard for it. She took out her geography books and showed me what they had to study and I was in SHOCK. She told me they had to remember the patterns of the wind during a specific season. They also had to memorize the different minerals in the different areas. When they were given a coordinate of a longitude and latitidude, they had to make sure they knew what was in that are. Many more! They are hardcore study students. I’m resting on my bed and my roomate is still studying until 1am. Props to her! I could never!

I’m a Taobao addict now. Taobao is like Amazon but it’s all in Chinese.  Right now I’m trying to restrain myself from buying anything but I do go browsing on it. I also love saving some of the clothes onto my favorite list. Although I’ve only bought stuff on there twice. But the first time I bought 20 things and I needed a friend to come and help me grab everything. One of my friends were supprised by the amount of things that I got and she asked me if I was buying a lot of things because I was going to  live here. Haha. By the way, if you’re a size 7 and up in America, you better bring your own shoes or buy it on Taobao. They don’t have it at all in the shops. I feel like BIG FOOT. Also, I kinda like shopping here actually. The ladies treat you like a princess and shower you with compliments, which I know they’re trying to sell you stuff but I do enjoy it. I’m a sucker for compliments. Haha! I also don’t really end up buying anything because it does not fit me right.

The first couple of weeks was hard for me to explain to people that I was Hmong and not Chinese. I know we originated from China but I don’t know Chinese at all and we just aren’t Chinese. On top of that, I know I’m a foreigner but they still think I’m Chinese until I tell them that I’m American. When I go out to eat with the other Americans, who don’t look Asian at all, the resturant owners are always looking at me for communication and then I’m looking at the other Americans, who know Chinese more than me, for help. Haha. It’s so funny!

Last week, on Saturday, I went to go watch their basketball games. Each of the departments were going against each other. It was intense! I got a little angry too. But it was quite fun to watch. I actually never watched a basketball game back at Concordia. They really love their basketball here!

This is Felicity! Freshman of the English Department! We became friends when we were both eating in the kitchen.


The two men who work here are so nice!

I choked eating this spicy fish dish! It was good!

I was going to get another tattoo here actually. But I decided not to do it!

Last modified: May 3, 2019