This month I didn’t really go anywhere other than trying out all kinds of food. The food here are so good and cheap!  I’m really going to miss it when I leave.  For Easter holiday, we did a potluck, where everyone brings in and make their own meal. Me and Christina decided to make this Thai dish called Kao Pia. It was a lot of fun. Me and Christina were  the last one to finish cooking our meal. It took a while because we have to roll and cut our noodle before we could boil it. I was surprised at how  everyone loves our meal. I thought many of them couldn’t eat spicy, but turns out they love our spicy sauce. Many of them keep coming back for second and third. There wasn’t a lot, but was enough for everyone. On our Easter break it was raining, so I decided to stay on campus instead of going out. Couple of students actually went back home for the holiday. This month me along with the other exchange  students attended the high table. It was great to see how nice everyone look and the event was great. The speech given by our guest speaker was great. I thought it was really inspirational  about his experience on pursuing  a higher education and also going out of country to study. Me and Christina also met with two other students who  came to study at Concordia before. We met a little late, but we finally came together.




Last modified: May 6, 2019