The first few days in Dublin have been absolutely amazing! I flew out on Tuesday evening and arived on Wednesday around noon. The time difference has been a little weird but I am finally getting over my jet lag. We spent a few days doing orientation and getting used to the city. On Friday, we wen’t out on our own to find our internship sites. I got a little bit on my way but the people around the city were so helpful and I eventually found my way there.

Yesterday, the group went on a guided tour of Northern Ireland. It was absolutely amazing! We went and saw the city of Belfast which is still in quite a lot of conflict with the Brexit situation. It was amazing to hear about the situation the city is still in even though the Peace wall has been up for 21 years. I would be terrified to live there but the people are so confident in themselves. Our tour guide was alive during the conflict and has actually received a few death threats just for doing his job.

We also toured the Giant’s Causeway, I’ll let you decide what created the Causeway, the Giants or science ;),  and walked over the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. It is 30 meters high and, yes, I actually did go over it. I may have freaked out the entire way across, but I didn’t let my fear of heights get the best of me. Was quite proud of myself afterwards.

Last modified: June 3, 2019