Third month in Korea


Currently it’s 2:30 here in Korea while I am writing this blog. Three months have went by so quick and It’s crazy to know that in about 22 days I will be leaving Korea. I know that I have not been here for long but Korea feels like home to me. Before, coming to Korea I was somewhat a homebody. I was too comfortable with what I did and where I was in life. This was my first time being independent and away from family and friends. Now that I am here I love being my own person and making my own choices without needing to ask for permission.


When I was a little girl coming to Korea has always been a dream of mine. I only saw Korea through K-pop and dramas. Experiencing Korea in person is different from what I had imagined… I was living my fantasy through a small screen. There was and is still so much I have to learn about the Korean culture that you can not simply get.  I had became close with a Korean student in one of my classes and he told me that Koreans never have debatable conversations with their close friends because you do not want to make them upset, and that blew my mind. With that said, him and I had a deep conversation about gun laws, abortion, legalizing gay marriage etc. To my surprise he had really enjoyed talking about these topics . He had also told me that friendship here in Korea is held very high since families only decide to have one or two kids. He will be going to America for a year and wanted to know more about America; including slang. As an Asian American, we both are so different yet similar to one another.

I am happy with all the international students that we have here in Korea. We have a group of diverse students from all over the globe. I have met so many and with each encounter I have with them it’s always something that increases the dendrites in my brain. They have pushed and molded me to become the best version of myself, sometimes we clash but we learn so much about each other and the culture.

Adventure time

Last month I did a lot of traveling around Korea! When you realize you are running out of time you want to make the most of what you have left. Thankfully, Korea has a good transportation system which makes it so efficient to travel. Hwaseong Fortress which is located in Suwon is beautiful. This fortress expands throughout Suwon and even goes up in the mountains but the end results of climbing up the stairs will give a spectacular view of the city. Busan was the most exciting trip that I had been since I have been here. The beach was beautiful especially at night.



(Hwaseong Fortress)



   (Global day – Texas booth)

Last modified: June 3, 2019