April was very packed for me! I started the month in Bordeaux, France with my friend Sophia. It was a very cute city and where we were staying was very French, complete with a cute little balcony. We ate baguettes and cheese and walked around a lot! We also went to this really good restaurant that made me start to think of food as an experience. It was truly gastronomic and I keep thinking about their lemon tart… 

Street in Bordeaux.

Statue of Alexander the Great in Greece.

I then went to Thessaloniki, Greece for a Gilman Summit! It was run by the US State Department in collaboration with Fulbright. I got to meet so many amazing, genuine people and it was definitely an experience I will always be fond of. We toured the city as well as some businesses there and met with a lot of local government officials as well as the US Ambassador to Greece! We were able to talk about a wide array of topics from the Syrian refugee crisis and the Greek economy to how to become an Ambassador to a country like Greece (Hint: You either put in 20+ years of hard work and luck out by handling a big problem or you donate a lot of money to a presidential campaign). 

Gilman Scholars at the event in Thessaloniki.

Gilman Scholars with Geoffrey Pyatt, the US Ambassador to Greece.

I then went to Marrakech, Morocco where I met up with my good friend and flatmate, Yasmine! She is from there so we stayed with her and she showed me and my friend around. It is really a different life there since the culture is so different. Everyone drives really fast and the only way to get to where you’re going is by knowing in advance how to get to where you’re going! We were so lucky to have someone to be able to drive us around and do the talking for us so we didn’t get ripped off at places like the old market. It was also so hot there! It was hot in Greece as well, but we were near a body of water there so there was a nice breeze. In Marrakech, there is no body of water and when the sun is on you, it is ON you! I could literally feel every degree of heat and it was only in the 80s! 

Market in the Old City.

Majorelle Gardens.

Old City Market.

Exploring was fun, but now I need to get back to reality as all my coursework for all my classes are due and it’s exam season! I am looking forward to that being over! 

Until next time. 

Last modified: June 12, 2019