May was a busy month for me! We only had class the first week before our school’s exam period started. During this period, we have no classes as they want you to use the time to study. I had three classes with papers for our final and only one with an exam. The exam environment was also so different to the one I’m used to! They have it in a big hall and assign you a desk to take it. They have multiple proctors during it, and make you place your student ID onto the desk for them to check and sign a registry! I had to use the washroom and instead of just being able to go, I had to be escorted by someone all the way into the washroom and she then stood outside the stall! I was shocked that they take their exams this way. It was very stressful because the papers account for 100% of my grade! I had one paper that needed a word count of 6,000- I have no ideas how I pulled that one off! May was also the month of Ramadan, so on top of all of this, I was fasting as well! The fasts here were pretty long and averaged about 18 hours! I tried to visit some family to get good home-cooked meals, but I was only able to go twice since my schedule was so hectic. I also had a friend fasting with me for a portion of the month, so that was nice of her and made me feel less alone. One of my friends from Concordia also came to visit me during this time! It was so nice to have someone from home around. She also really wanted to go to Italy while she was there so after much debating, I finally gave in and we booked flights for the next day! It was definitely my most spontaneous trip, but we had the best time! I even got to recreate one of my Mom’s pictures from when she lived there! 

My mom when she lived in Milan.

Me copying my mom’s photo!

Me in Milan!

I’m sad the semester is done, but also happy that I’m done with all the work I had to do! I’m in Morocco again right now and will back in London mid-june and stay for another month. I’m excited to be able to explore without the stress of school! 


Last modified: June 12, 2019