I have been in Greece for a little over a week now, and it is hard to put into words just how beautiful the sights are. Each day has brought new experiences, bright friendships, and fresh food. Although I have been journaling every day, I wanted to take some time to publicly share a few snippets of what it is like to study on a Greek Island.

First thing I noticed about Paros is that everyone is beyond friendly! The people in the shops along the waterfront smile and wave, thanking me for coming to their beloved island. These greetings make it easy for this place to feel like home. Along with the kind greetings, I have noticed that each body type is loved here. There isn’t pressure to be a certain weight or to look a specific way. Everyone is cherished.

Class takes place in a tiny classroom in a nook off of a small cobblestone path. I am studying creative writing, so I write stories daily. Around 5pm, my class and I partake in a writer’s workshop for two hours, critiquing each other’s pieces. One of my professors kind of reminds me of Meryl Streep — which is making all of my Mamma Mia dreams come true.

Meals here have the potential to last to two hours. Many dishes come out and are served family style. I have tried moussaka, mussels, octopus, calamari, fried goat cheese, feta, Greek salad, gyros, souvlaki, banoffee, baklava, and so much more! Something that has been slightly frustrating for my group and I is that waiters do not like splitting the bill. We now know that when we go out we should bring small bills rather than a card in order to pay.

Another part of the studying is exploring the different islands and the archeology that takes place there. In Paros, I have gone to the marble quarries and small villages that are home to some stunning churches. I learned that the roads are so windy and curvy to fight off any piracy. Back in the day, the different towns would make mazes with their roads to confuse the pirates trying to invade. In Santorini, we explored the sight of Akrotiri, a place that was attacked with volcanic ash and stone greater than Pompeii.  I still have a couple more excursions to Antiparos, Mykonos, Delos, and Naxos, so there is more adventure to come!

Here are a few snap shots:

This is the tiny street to my classroom.

This is where I am staying in Paros.

Having a blast in Greece!

This is my walk back home from class along the Aegean Sea.

A Santorini sunset

Thanks for following me on my journey around Greece!

Kalynn Fuller

Last modified: June 20, 2019