I think that the month of April was the roughest month ever.

I REALLY MISS MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS A LOT. I could not stop telling them that. I stayed up pretty late just to talk to them every night, which is bad but most of my classes did not start until 12pm. I risked it all for them.

It was a pretty stressful month too. Every weekday and weekend, I would ONLY be in the library to do assignments and group projects, which they have put a heavy emphasis on. All my classes had a group projects.

There was this reading session that they had and I decided to participate in it because I spoke Hmong. They wanted people who had a different native language to read a passage from a book. Most of the people have never heard of the Hmong language so I was glad I decided to participate in it. Plus it was cool to also hear from the other languages. There was this guy who was from Hunan and I was curious if we were going to have the same dialect but we did not.

But there was this amazing Miao exhibit that the school held. I was glad my roommate told me because I do not check my schools email too often. I WAS SO EXCITED! I really enjoyed the pieces that they had. It was very beautiful. The details on the frabric was beautiful. The fact that the details were white on a royal blue fabric made it so gorgeous. The Miao from Guizhou were the ones who did this work of art. I was very entralled! I was just too fascinated by the work! They were very beautiful.  I could tell that it took quite some time for them to finish it.I saw on the prints that there was a butterfly that would appear a lot. Ahem, the Mother Butterfly. There was also a frabric that talked about the Hmong people, which I was very stoked about! It was amazing. I do wish they would hold another Miao exhibit before I leave. It just made me feel happy. I LOVED IT A LOT.


We also had a day where we were able to create a dish from home! Everyone seemed to enjoy it also! I really missed home food! It was not exactly the same but it was super close. I still enjoyed it a lot though!

Chef Xiong

During the month we, the other foreign exchange students, also had a High Table event. It was a goodbye dinner for the seniors of each different departments. The food was really good and pretty fancy!

A friend took me to the tourist spot in Zhuhai. The Zhuhai Shell Opera House!









The beautiful sky from my dorm! I definitely will miss the sounds of the roosters waking me up! The lasts months were getting really really hot! Stay hydrated! I will also miss that small restaurant, Running Chicken, near our school! They were really nice and they definitely knew me!

The month of May consisted of final exams! I was so use to multiple choices and they had written tests, which made my fingers numb. However, after exams, I took a trip to Hong Kong! Definitely a beautiful place to visit again! I was not able to see everything!

I was trying to carefully shake the basket so I can, hopefully, drop some good numbers! But the fortune teller told me I was good or so I hope. He seemed like he knew what he was doing!

I did not get to go to as many places as I wanted to go to in China. But I will definitely go back to the country in the future, when my Mandarin is perfect or I’ll just bring a fluent speaker with me. Haha.

Every experience is a learning experience, even if it was not positive. I believe that this experience has made me come to appreciate the amazing people in my life. I was so eager to leave to China that I forgot about my family and friends. I appreciate my friends who woke up to hear me vent my feelings and just listen to me. I feel like without them, I would have not been able to pass the month of April. Being in America,  it was so easy to get the support that I needed and it was so easy to see my friends, even though we were 30 minutes away. It was better than a whole day ahead. Now, I’ve come to realize how much I just want to spend time with my family and friends. However, being abroad made me feel so distant and lonely. It did teach me to be independent and sometimes rely on myself in difficult situations, which I really appreciate.

Thank You Zhuhai.

Last modified: June 28, 2019