Vacation time!

This blog is long overdue BUT only due to the craziness that has happened in the past three weeks.  I arrived early in Korea on August 18th. My parents also decided to tag along so they could also have their own vacation as well. The plane ride was super long (like 13 hours!) and once we arrived to the airport we had to take the subway to another airport for Jeju. We basically lived at the airport for a whole day! Once we arrived in Jeju we explored the island and went on a Yacht tour in the sea. The water was super blue and beautiful. We were supposed to be dolphin spotting but sadly we weren’t lucky enough.

(The sea was really beautiful in Jeju!)

We also went to Seoul and visited many of the touristy places like, Namsan Tower, Myungdong Streets, Hongdae, Gangnam.

Alright, enough of the touristy vacation things. It’s time for the good stuff!

The Student life in Korea.

Saying goodbye to my parents was very bittersweet. Especially because they came along with me, physically saying goodbye was tough. I had to hold back the tears and be strong. This is my first time being outside the US and alone. Before coming to Soon Chun Hyang University in Asan I did lots on research to prepare myself. Although I had some prior knowledge of the Korean language and culture, I really have to put things to the test! The international students had to arrive a week before the Korean students because we had a lot more paperwork and orientations. I was nervous if I could make any friends here since I came by myself but I had to put myself out there. Thank goodness that there is a Kakao Talk group chat with most of the international students so random hangouts would occur. My first week in Asan went pretty well! Because I live in Global Village, I met many different people from all around the world. I feel like I made many friends while drinking. The Korean drinking culture is super different from America. But because drinking is very social here, getting to know people was easier to do and also really fun. Once the Korean students moved into Global Village there wasn’t a big language barrier because the Korean students need to know some English to live ther. They are super nice, cool, and down to do anything. They are also as interested in our cultures as we are to theirs.

As the school year begins, I was actually really excited for my classes. I am taking 5 classes: 2 Korean learning classes, a music class, and a business class. Outside of classes I also have language exchanges where we are paired with Korean students and we basically only speak English to help them improve their skills. We usually have about 7-8 exchanges. Classes here are also very different then what I am used to. Korean classes are usually 3 hours long but there are 10 minute breaks in between. I think I like this a bit better than in America because the 10 minutes let me recollect my thoughts (or to wake myself up especially 9am classes!). My Korean Speaking professor is super entertaining. He is very engaging, funny, and very over expressive. He teaches us like we are children but I don’t mind since it helps me learn faster. On the first day of class he taught us “Konglish” which is Korean mixed English since we learned the Korean alphabet. He says if we cannot speak Korean, as long as we can pronounce our English as Korean there will be some understanding. It was probably my most memorable 1st day of school.

(It says: “Do you love me? See you, Bye Bye.”)

My schedule is pretty available now. I usually only have morning classes and one class a day with few language exchanges here and there. Not much has happened yet since we just had our Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) break. Although it’s been free flowing right now, I can sense the late night study sessions coming soon BUT a really great semester.

Last thing! Because Korea is SUPER SUPER CHEAP, my wallet is crying because I eat out too much. T.T

Last modified: September 25, 2019