Zhuhai has been an amazing journey so far, I have created some amazing relationships and am learning a lot from my peers and professors. The education model of UIC is the focus of creating a well rounded student. The business school does not focus too much on homework and quizzes but more on collaborative work and comprehensive exams. I am taking a wide range of business classes with ¬†all of them having a focus on the organizational structures of business, and one of them being a global marketing class. The collaboration with other students has been a little bit difficult but I have learned a lot, about the process of exporting a domestic product and the implementation of it entering a new market. Other than school, I have tried almost every single food imaginable, the most interesting thing I’ve tried is duck blood, and it tasted exactly like it looked, which was jello, except there was not much taste, so what impacted how I liked it was the fact it was the blood of a duck, so it wasn’t my most favorite thing, but interesting. China has a lot of really cool landmarks as well so I have been visiting some old temples and monuments of past dynasties. I have been hearing that it is starting to snow in MN, so living in 70 degree weather with a jacket on and coming back will be dreadful but I try to take in every day and soak in something new, while also looking forward to reconnecting wit people when I get back.

Last modified: November 12, 2019