A Year Experience Away From Home

July 5, 2017 It’s been about two weeks since I arrived back to Minnesota, and I have to say that it feels like nothing has changed. I feel that coming back, it’s the same as usual, and that...

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As the Season Changes

May 9, 2017 It’s crazy that its now really hot (perhaps I’m exaggerating too much). I still can’t believe it that I’m in Korea, seriously. After coming back from Seoul this...

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May 9, 2017 / Comments (1)

A New Semester

April 5, 2017 I still can’t believe that I’m here in Korea. Not just that, but that I also traveled to two other countries this past winter vacation. I went to Taiwan and also Japan. More...

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Living in Global Village

December 14, 2016             It’s finally the end of the semester, and so much has happened. I know I’ve been recording all my experiences in Korea so far, but in this post I’m going to...

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Second Month in Korea~

November 2, 2016 It’s crazy to believe that two months have already passed. Each and every week there’s always something to do. It never gets boring here in Korea, even if others disagree....

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First month at SCH

September 20, 2016 It’s been close to a month ever since I left Minnesota. In South Korea, so much has happened within a short period of time. For the first week, we pretty much had to do another welcome...

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September 20, 2016 / Comments (1)