Blending in with the Milanese Students

March 22, 2019 Buonasera! It’s been my second month here in Milan. I’ve adjusted to the lifestyle and the movement of the city life here. I have improved on my Italian and can successfully...

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Tours, Tours, Tours

March 7, 2019 In the past two months studying abroad in Cambridge I have probably been on more guided tours than the rest of my life put together. Touring often goes hand-in-hand with visiting new...

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Barcelona, Spain

March 4, 2019 My birthday: I had a great birthday. I rested during the day and only had one class, International Finance. In the evening, my host mum had made me dinner like normal but usually I clear...

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你好 from China!

March 4, 2019 Well, let me tell you! I am glad to be alive and well. 哈哈 (haha). It is like the second or third week in China, I think. Girl, I went through a lot the moment I landed at the Beijing...

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Hello, from China!

March 2, 2019 Hey Everyone!! I had been here in China for 3 weeks so far and everything has been great. I have some issues with my visa entering into Zhuhai because they said I only have one entry to...

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Weekend Trips in Europe

February 24, 2019 I have officially been in Europe for a little over a month now! My classes have been going well and have had way less work attached to them than I am used to. This has given me time to take...

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Milano: Expecting the Unexpected

February 3, 2019   Salve! My first week in Milan has been quite the adjustment. New sounds, sights and people! I never realized the depth of difference between the lifestyle in the Twin Cities to...

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London, England

January 31, 2019 Hey everyone! I have been in London for almost two weeks now, and it has been really cool. I used the first week as a get my life together week and ended up buying a lot of stuff for my...

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5 Differences Between Concordia and Cambridge

January 29, 2019 I have been studying at Westfield House in Cambridge, England for almost one month now! Unlike most of the other Concordia students studying abroad this semester I do not have a language...

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Barcelona, Spain

January 24, 2019 I have only been here three weeks, yet I have seen and done so much and met so many people. Monday to Thursday I have classes, which my classes don’t start till after lunch, so I try to...

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