Program Highlights

  • Intern as a Cultural and Language Ambassador 
  • Join the enriching experience with field trips, festivals, and extracurricular activities 
  • Known for an outstanding cultural experience and global community with multi-cultural classrooms 

Program Overview

SCH Sign 2Asan, South Korea is located 1 hour 30 minutes by train from Seoul. The easy to navigate transportation system makes it a breeze to get around and see both the ancient and modern culture of South Korea.  Join international students at Soon Chun Hyang University (SCH), one of the best universities in Korea. As an exchange students you will have the opportunity to join SCH’s extracurricular activities, language exchanges, multicultural classrooms, and campus centers – all while making life-long international friends. See the Cultural Internship Leaflet for more information or check out student video highlights

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All courses are instructed in English. View current SCH course offerings to learn about possible course options. Students learn through classes and practical field activities. Students take 6 courses (19 credits). Students are required to take Cultural Internship Discussion, Korean Speaking, and Korean Writing. Students may choose one cultural course and two electives. 
  • Korean Language
  • Korean Society and History
  • International and Korean Business
  • Korean Culture and Language
  • Education
  • International and Korea Politics 
Cultural Internship Discussion: Intern as Cultural and Language Ambassador – includes group meetings, language and cultural exchanges, and living in the Global Village. Duties will be up to 15 hours per week and students are compensated:
  • Airfare Reimbursed up to $710
  • Weekly Living Stipend $100
  • Full waiver of Room

Program Cost

The exchange model allows students to study abroad for the same tuition you pay at Concordia. You are also giving a SCH student the opportunity to study in Minnesota at Concordia for the semester. Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to fill out a cost estimate form. 
  • CSP Tuition
  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee
  • Other expenses: airfare, food, textbooks, transportation, insurance, visa, and other personal expenses 


Global VillageLive on campus in a community with Korean and international students. Students are housed in the Global Village. The village accommodates Korean students and exchange students. Rooms are  configured in “suite style” living arrangements which allows 12 students to live in 1 suite. Each suite has 2 bathrooms, 2 showers, 2 sinks, and six sleeping rooms that are connected by a common living room. For more information and pictures, see the Global Village webpage.

Travel Documents

A passport valid for 6 month beyond the end of the program is required. Additionally, a Korean visa is required for participation on the program. Talk to your study abroad advisor for assistance with the visa application. 

Student Highlights

“Being able to go to my suite mates hometowns is definitely an experience to remember! I feel like we were able to do more things and go to places where we would have never thought of going. It was really cool to experience different kinds of Korean homes. Plus, eating home made Korean food!! It was also really nice to interact with my suite mates parents as well. They were all really kind and made us feel welcome. If more people were able to receive the chance of staying with a family, definitely take the opportunity! It is a wonderful and memorable experience.  ” -Finola Xiong, Spring 2017


“SCH offers teacher assistant positions for an English camp for children during both the winter and summer breaks for global village students. With the TA position, you get free boarding over the whole break, and you do get paid at the end of the camp. Camp lasts three weeks, and you’ll basically be managing a whole classroom full of kids. I was chosen as a TA for the winter break term, and it was probably one of the best experiences ever!!! I had a lot of fun and I’ve gotten to know a group of kids, who are now dear to my heart!  ” -Lumena Lee, Year 2016-2017

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